Our work

Responsive website and brand development

The Challenge

How do you differentiate and promote your insurance broking service online, in a world full of ‘compare the cheapest markets.com’? Dennis Watkins needed to break the misconception that bespoke insurance brokers cost too much, and increase their visibility in a saturated market. Raising their profile and promoting insurance brokerage as a value based solution in a crowded online insurance market was a challenge - but we like a challenge and so do our clients.

The Solution 

We soon established that Dennis Watkins have a professional and uniquely personal service approach, but this was not reflected by their brand or the web design and user experience. We focused on lifting and modernising the existing brand identity and developed a highly professional, yet friendly and responsive website.

The interface design now provides an enhanced user experience. Visitors get an immediate understanding of the real benefits of one-to-one solutions, and are led to the information they want, and the right person to talk to. The conversational tone of voice, coupled with the lack of lengthy online forms or gimmicks encourages real engagement. Dennis Watkins are keeping the site alive and relevant with their bespoke content management system, and impressed clients now share their joy with online testimonials. 

The Results

  • High profile coverage in industry magazines
  • Improved rate of enquiries
  • Increased business from existing and new clients 
  • Positive client testimonials

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