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Diabetes UK

A fresh start for gifts in Wills


Audience insight, Strategy, Creative proposition, Acquisition communications, Print adverts, Videos for social media, Prospecting mailings and Emails, Enquirer mailing, Event collateral and rewritten legacy web pages.

The challenge:

To deliver a sector-leading legacy programme that inspires supporters. Creating an inspiring and persuasive legacy proposition that communicates the impact of legacies. Capturing the passion of our supporters, many who have a personal connection to the disease. And to develop a memorable proposition that is adaptable and can be the base and focus for all legacy communications going forward.

The Solution:

Knowing our audience is key to delivering the perfect messaging – and giving supporters an experience they’ll value. To understand our audience’s needs, motivations and attitudes better, we conducted interviews with existing pledgers to find out what they really felt about Diabetes UK and why the cause meant so much to them. We also interviewed key stakeholders in the Diabetes UK team to better understand the organisation's unique challenges and opportunities.

This research formed the foundations for the proposition and creative concept we went on to develop. In our messaging, we wanted to credit all the fantastic breakthroughs Diabetes UK-funded research had already made – something that they as an organisation had struggled to capitalise on. Moreover, in a first for the organisation, our messaging talked about hope for a diabetes cure – and the effect it would have on people's lives.

We hosted two workshops with the client, where we worked on an acquisition journey to encourage pledges – and a stewardship journey to make sure people keep Diabetes UK in their will. To date we’ve developed acquisition communications, print adverts, videos for social media, prospecting mailings and emails, an enquirer mailing, event collateral and rewritten their legacy web pages. We’ll be creating stewardship communications early next year.

The results:

The stories shared and positive responses to the campaign have been fantastic. People loved hearing from a beneficiary directly, with a couple of supporters writing full letters back to Phoebe.
• 40 new plegers
• 41 enquirers 
• £1,042 was donated in response to the campaign by passionate supporters unable to leave a gift in their Will.
• E-Appeal open-rate was 57.8%!
• 53 people liked Phoebe’s Facebook video post, 10 people commented, 24 shared and 3,300 viewed it.
• 55 known pledgers got in touch to tell us they’re still including us in their Will