Our work

Diabetes UK

Reimagining Diabetes UK’s running event


Mass participation event identity, acquisition campaign, web assets, stewardship journey, participant fundraising toolkit and event collateral.

The challenge

Diabetes UK’s running event hit its third year in 2020, and needed a refresh. Previously a marathon-in-a-month challenge for supporters to complete in their own time, it was off-putting for less experienced runners – losing swathes of potential income as a result.

And then the pandemic hit, cancelling the vast majority of group running events and pushing thousands of challenges to go virtual – into direct competition with events like Diabetes UK’s.

Our friends at Diabetes UK had extensive insight telling them that, to succeed, this event needed to be extremely accessible. But they needed an identity to bring it to life – and to persuade supporters to sign up.

The solution

That’s where we came in. We knew that, to recruit hundreds of runners – from hardcore racers to complete newbies alike – this event’s identity needed to go back to basics. So, inspired by Diabetes UK’s commitment to improving the UK’s health and fitness, we reimagined it as a month-long experience, devoted to wellness.

The Month of Miles was born.

No longer about a daunting distance, we made Month of Miles about feeling great, and grounded its identity in body positivity. Throughout the journey, we focused on the experience of running: the butterflies in your belly before, the adrenaline rush of pushing yourself through, and the whole-body goodness you feel afterwards.

From the first acquisition adverts to a highly personalised email journey, every photo and every copyline brought to life the heart-warming, heart-thumping feeling of joining in.

Throughout our collateral, we drove home how, no matter how far these runners go, they’re doing something incredibly special. Not just for people living with diabetes – but for themselves, too.

The results

Despite the gloom of 2020, our uplifting, inclusive event cut through – and Month of Miles surpassed its target. It was a total joy to work with Diabetes UK at the start of the first lockdown, and we’re thrilled it inspired so many to get active for such a brilliant cause.