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Evelina London

Creating an inspiring regular giving proposition


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The Challenge:

We needed to provide an alternative offering alongside cash giving to encourage supporters to give regularly to the hospital charity over a longer period of time. This regular income will ensure Evelina London are able to commit to a number of long term and strategic projects and campaigns. In order to do this justice we needed to know more about who Evelina London’s most engaged audiences were, so we could design an effective proposition that would drive meaningful interaction.

The Solution:

Our approach to most projects like this starts with our immersion phase. For Evelina London this began with a guided tour of the children's hospital in London, where we learnt the history of the hospital and met staff and patients as we walked the deliberately windy and bright corridors. (Fun fact; founded in 1869 the brand new facility was built just 10 years ago, co-created with patients and architects.) This gave us a true sense of the importance of the campaign, because first hand we were able to see what they're doing, what facilities and equipment they needed, what could be done to help parents and families and ultimately what makes the children happy and comfortable during their treatment.

Back in the office, we ran a series of supporter polls and in depth interviews to get close to the people who are closest to the charity. This covered a range of topics including the types of charities people supported, their motivation and specific insights about their relationship with Evelina London. We were continuously overwhelmed with the number of people who volunteered to speak with us further about the hospital and to provide invaluable insights about the work of the charity and why people supported them financially.

Only during this process did we become totally aware of the immediacy in which Evelina London can come into people's lives, and then how long they could become a part of it, some of our respondents had only had first contact with Evelina London 3 days prior, another's has been continuous for the past 21 years. Key to the research outputs were the themes that we were able to identify and create a number of strategic and creative propositions around.

Our strategic challenge was to raise awareness amongst key audiences about how regular giving significantly benefits the hospital, the children, the parents and families of those affected. From the work we undertook we delivered a hugely emotive campaign called 'For Every Evelina Child' which will go live in 2019 and will help encourage supporters and warm audiences to give regularly to the Charity and support the amazing work they are doing for young children in the UK.