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Demonstrating the impact of Gifts in Wills


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The challenge:

Gifts in wills contribute between a third and a half of the funds Fight for Sight spends on pioneering research, however until now, Fight for Sight has run a very limited legacy programme. With the charity’s fresh brand positioning (updated in October 2019) this was the perfect time to look at the legacy offering, focusing on needs and motivations of supporters.

Nigel Pantling, the charity’s Chair, was about to step down therefore it was the perfect opportunity for an admired and impactful leader to not only thank Fight for Sight’s loyal supporter base, whilst announcing his departure, but also demonstrate the impact of gifts in Wills, providing tangible reasons for supporters to pledge themselves.

The audience base for Fight for Sight are predominantly older, with many having already made their Wills. We were asked to find ways of overcoming this challenge - through demonstrating the ease of updating Wills.

The solution:

Fight for Sight’s positive brand positioning focuses on being ‘on the cusp of breakthroughs’ and making substantial progress thanks in part to gifts in Wills. Therefore, through painting a picture of the progress of the charity through the years, framed in the context of research, we could demonstrate the impact of gifts in Wills on the  lives of people with sight loss and eye conditions. The warm audience received a personal letter from the outgoing Chair, Nigel, along with a detailed timeline showcasing the incredible steps the charity has made through the past 70 years.

The results:

Although having launched in the turbulent first stage of the coronavirus pandemic, the results were very positive. We received notifications of a whopping 29 pledges, 7 intenders and over £1.2k accompanying donations.