Our work


Multi channel acquisition and development campaign

The Challenge

ILM - who create nationally-recognised qualifications in leadership and management - approached us to develop a multi-channel campaign, focused on raising awareness of their offer within the Further Education sector.

In an environment of government cuts and a reduction in the core market for Further Education, colleges like ILM face increasing pressure to find alternative sources of income. In this context, ILM wanted to promote their accreditation with Further Education providers, specifically highlighting the benefits of their ‘full cost recovery’ or ‘self-funded’ programmes.

Consider’s objective was to engage with Further Education colleges who might not have an existing relationship with ILM, introducing them as the right choice when navigating the uncertainties of future funding in the sector. In this context, we needed to demonstrate the widespread recognition of ILM qualifications and their perceived value to commercial organisations.

We, therefore, needed to position a partnership with ILM as the means to meet the increasing demand from employers for cost-effective leadership and management coaching qualifications.

The Solution

We proposed a multi-channel approach, comprising a highly personalised direct mail piece, a series of emails and online content.

Because of the potentially high turnover of staff in this sector, we wanted to make sure that our mailing would be kept or passed on to the relevant decision-maker. For this reason, we made sure it felt sufficiently substantial, while a personalised Post-it gave it stand-out.

The creative approach with its bold use of colour and engaging photography reinforces ILM’s experience and position in the marketplace.

We were keen to avoid too much corporate language and jargon, so the copy combined professionalism and confidence with a natural and empathetic tone of voice. The calls to action play a key role throughout, reinforcing a personal and

The Results

Enquiries from new Further Education colleges grew, and a number of new colleges converted to ILM centres.