Our work

Imperial College London

Commemoration day programme

The Challenge

Imperial College London asked us to redesign the programme for their annual graduation celebration for undergraduates - Commemoration Day. The programme plays an essential role in the College’s communications, bridging the time students spend as undergraduates with their experience as graduates and alumni.

The programme needed to fulfill a range of functions acting as a clear guide to the day’s activities; a showcase for the College’s role and reputation; a celebration of graduates’ achievements and a prestigious souvenir of the important occasion marking the end of their careers as students.

The Solution

Our creative solution combines bold dynamism with elegance and prestige. The central role of photography reflects and celebrates the talents and achievements of the student community, while different approaches to its presentation vary the pace.

We refined and developed the grid underpinning the programme's design to create more white space and balance copy and imagery to best effect. Significant achievements are emphasised with infographics, while distinct colour palettes for different faculties and ceremonies improve the reader experienced by signposting relevant content. Panels and icons also serve to break up the text and maintain engagement.

The Results

The approach we developed has been replicated for postgraduates and will be used for future undergraduate ceremonies.