Our work

Imperial College London

HPC at Imperial event branding

The Challenge

Imperial College London wanted our help in creating a series of events focusing on High Performance Computing (HPC). The aim of the events is to showcase success and progress in HPC at Imperial; lead the way in the future direction of HPC applications research and, ultimately,  to spark conversations with existing and potential corporate partners.

The College wanted the creative to appeal to a mixed audience of leaders in both ‘big industry’ and SME enterprises, as well as academics, policy makers and entrepreneurs. As such, they were looking for something fresh and challenging, that steered clear of ‘computing; cliches and instead reflected the College’s status at the cutting edge of research.

The Solution

Our creative kept key characteristics of HPC - problem solving, modelling, simulation and prediction - in mind. These qualities inspired our graphic device which uses a series of interconnecting lines to reflect the complex and constantly evolving nature of HPC.  Structured, dynamic and multi-faceted, the graphic uses a bright, fresh colour palette (tailored to each event) to balance out its abstract, mathematical qualities.

The Results

Following the success of a first full suite of materials for the first event, our creative approach will be rolled out for future HPC events.