Our work

Imperial College London

School of Medicine Brand

The Challenge

As one of the world’s leading medical schools Imperial College School of Medicine wanted a visual identity to reflect  their status and cutting-edge, visionary  work.  We needed to ensure that the identity was distinct and compelling, whilst also respecting the Imperial College London master brand.

The Solution

We created a distinctive identity for the School, made up of a suite of graphic devices. Central to these is a diagonal ‘bar’ device. This symbolises the meeting of science and creativity and serves to unite the various visual elements - from illustration to photography.  We created a selection of Illustrations to feature within the School’s materials. Each one reflects its scientific and technological focus and together they play a key part in defining its identity. At the same time, the School’s commitment to the artistic and creative expression of medical science is reflected in unusual crops and close-ups. We also delivered comprehensive guidelines to support the identity’s  rollout and to ensure that the School can be represented coherently, confidently and consistently.