Our work

Imperial College London

Imperial Enterprise Lab brand

The Challenge

Imperial College London approached us to create a visual identity for their Enterprise Lab - an initiative that brings together many of the colleges resources and programmes to develop entrepreneurial talent. Its aim is to provide a  single channel to build relationships with alumni and friends and cement collaboration with external partners.

The identity needed its own distinct character - reflecting the audience’s key values of intelligence, experimentation and innovation - whilst still respecting the College’s overarching brand.

The Solution

We created a visual identity comprising a network of bold connecting lines, forming ‘cells’  - to reflect the multiple cross-disciplinary connections that can be forged within the Enterprise Lab. The cells are designed to be flexible and dynamic in their application, reflecting the varied and sometimes unpredictable avenues and crossroads of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Results

The identity has been rolled out within the Lab and is gaining momentum as increasing numbers of staff, students and external partners engage with the Lab.