Our work

Imperial College London

Tech Foresight Event brand and rollout

The Challenge

Imperial College London asked us to create a look and feel that would inspire and captivate the audience at its Tech Foresight event. The concept also needed to be rolled out across a variety of materials, so flexibility was a key requirement. 

The Solution

We began by developing a full understanding of the event audience – the college’s corporate partners who are interested in discoveries made in the Imperial College labs.  Combining this knowledge with our expertise in the sector, we were then able to engage with this precise audience by creating a branded event with messages that could work with both on and offline mediums. On top of dynamic video graphics and an informative HTML email newsletter, we created a responsive website the client could manage themselves to continuously connect with its captured audience. Joining this collateral was an eye-catching brochure design, which helped to tie the digital promotions to a tangible material.