Our work

Imperial College London

Visual identity for the International Relations Office

The Challenge

Imperial College wanted us to create a visual identity for their International Relations Office (IRO). The IRO is responsible for delivery of the College’s international engagement strategy. It serves as a ‘front door’ for international diplomatic partners, providing briefings, strategic advice and practical support for partnerships with academic and related institutions.

We needed an approach that resonated with audiences ranging from academics and students, to foreign embassies, governments and partner universities. The brief was to combine intelligence with a clean and simple look and feel, and to position IRO as a key enabler of the College’s strategic partnerships.

The Solution

The visual identity centres on an abstract graphic device comprising dynamic shards of colour that converge at a specific point. This graphic, which features across all branded touchpoints, is inspired by IRO’s status as the focal point of a diverse range of relationships and partnerships.

Designed to be flexible and dynamic, the graphic can be adapted and applied in a variety of ways - from subtle hints to bold statements. A palette of vibrant colours can be adapted to different audiences and programmes.

The Results

The visual identity has been rolled out by IRO to a very positive reception. It continues to build on this reputation, both internally and externally.