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London Business School

Alumni Reunion event branding and collateral

The Challenge

London Business School is one of the top ten business schools in the world. So when its ever-expanding international community of alumni gets together for a weekend, it’s a very classy event. We’ve been creating the marketing collateral for the School’s annual Alumni Reunions for the last couple of years. The objective is to drive up attendance and capture the spirit of the occasion.

The Solution

When it came to the 2011 Alumni Reunion, we focused on moving the idea of “celebration” in a direction which was all about enjoyment, exclusivity and elegance. To express this creative idea, we developed a striking ribbon device as the basis for an identity. The ribbon stood out as a graphic device and also had the flexibility to weave its way through all the event marketing materials.

Firstly, we created an exquisite brochure to mail out to eligible alumni. Its clean lines, simple visual language and effective use of photography from previous events were all designed to inspire people to attend. We also created emails, postcards and adverts to build anticipation.

Once guests were at the event, they were able to get their hands on the beautiful weekend pack we’d created. It communicated everything they needed to know about the event, while continuing to excite them through its dynamic use of the ribbon device in some highly engaging spreads.

The Results

Our materials were a big hit with London Business School’s old boys and girls. In fact, we’re told that people are keeping them as mementos of a very special time. High praise, indeed.

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