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London Business School

London Business School BSR Deloitte

The Challenge

London Business School approached us to develop the inaugural Business Strategy Review (BSR) for Deloitte UK. This publication highlighted key research funded by the institute, and needed to be created in a way that encouraged staff and clients to pick it up and read. The challenge was to create an item which not only reflected the partnership between Deloitte and London Business School but had a professional yet absorbing feel - and met the brief first time.

The Solution

The solution saw us tap into the skills our creative team possessed beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. Two of our designers are also skilled illustrators, and they created images which set the perfect tone throughout the publication while also tying in with the Deloitte brand. Identifiable brand colours allowed us to achieve this, while the use of bespoke visuals gave us the flexibility to create a clean and organised look. As there was little room for adjustment once the creative had been delivered, strong account management was needed to make sure everything was on-brief first time.