Our work

London Business School

London Business School Fund campaign

The Challenge

London Business School implemented a targeted campaign to generate alumni donations, as part of their larger fundraising initiative known as The Cause. A major hurdle to meeting their donation goals was an inability to communicate in an engaging way what the fund achieves and why it should be supported. We needed to create a new strategy to raise awareness while also encouraging longer term engagement. 

The Solution

Our strategy comprised both on and offline collateral which mapped out the donor journey for 2014-15, making it clear how the audience’s donation would benefit. In a first for the school, we enabled donors to explain online why they supported the school via a responsive website. The sharing of these messages communicated a sense of collective giving which inspired fellow alumni to get involved. This microsite was used at events, and the ability to set a filter so alumni could only see messages from their classmates strengthened the urge to give. Audience-specific HTML email templates were also developed to allow London Business School to show their thanks to supporters, and a concise 60-second explainer video was created to effectively show why the fund – and support – is needed.  

The Results

The previous year’s entire funding total was equalled in just one month.