Our work

London School of Economics

Brand identity for The Marshall Institute

The Challenge

LSE was launching a ground-breaking project. Their new Marshall Institute would bring together social entrepreneurs, charities, NGOs, philanthropists and other concerned citizens, helping them to change the world for the better – through private action for public benefit.

But to achieve cut-through in their communications, they needed a powerful, memorable, instantly-recognisable visual identity. It would need to speak to several different audiences: from students and academics to practitioners in the private sector. It also had to sit comfortably within LSE’s overarching brand.

The Solution

To solve their problem we knew we needed to get to the heart of what the Marshall Institute stands for. So we visited them on site, running a series of interactive sessions to distil the essence of their brand.

Using all that we’d learned, we generated three potential routes, each with a different approach to the same core values, so that the Institute could choose the one that felt like the perfect fit.

Their chosen solution was inspired by the ‘ripple effect’ using concentric circles as symbols of the far-reaching results that people can achieve when they decide to work together in the public realm.

A three-colour palette allowed us to create visual clarity between top-level communications (in purple) and those that focused on teaching (in green) or research (in orange). 

We also positioned their strapline ‘Private action for public benefit’ to show their relationship to LSE whilst maintaining a sense of independence.  

Guidelines on imagery were also crucial to project an image that looked far beyond London and which placed group interactions between people at its heart.

The Results

Our client was delighted with our solution:

“The design team at Consider Creative has an incredible ability to extract the essence of what your brand is, even when you are not sure yourself.

Not being able to explain what you are looking for is no hindrance for their creativity. They explore curiously and present you with several options, leaving you free to pick the one that just feels perfect so you can take ownership of your brand.

Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. On top of that, they are really nice people who you will want to spend time with.

Five stars on all parameters.”