Our work

London School of Economics

Global advertising campaign

The Challenge

Each year LSE’s Department of Management run a global advertising campaign to raise awareness and foster interest in their suite of Master’s programmes in business and management.

Campaigns for the previous three years have built up clear recognition of their international brand, and LSE approached us to build upon this brand equity for the 2017/18 campaign and to present this in a fresh and engaging way.

Our brief was to establish campaign creative for four key programmes: Master’s in Management, Global Master’s in Management, Executive Global Master’s in Management and a brand new programme, launched by the Marshall Institute, the Executive Masters in Social Business and Entrepreneurship.

Our creative and messaging needed to reflect the needs of a diverse group of audiences and individuals from around the world, whilst specifically tapping into the primary motivators for applying.

The Solution

Liaising closely with the team at LSE, and their media agency, we developed a compelling and distinct campaign to market the Department of Management programmes.

Two creatives approaches were developed for each programme, allowing LSE to test and optimise as the campaign progressed. We ensured that each creative approach focused on promoting the career advantages offered for the programme, to engage audiences by tapping into their own motivations and goals.

We delivered a number of online and off-line ad formats as part of the campaign - with publishers including the FT.com, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, BBC and Google Display network.

We also delivered a suite of facebook ads to support the campaign. We ensured creative was modern, clean and fresh, with clear LSE brand presence and direct CTAs.

The Results

Through pro-active and attentive project management of this multi-faceted campaign, the campaign was delivered on time (in-fact ads were ready well in advance of copy deadlines), on budget and with smooth delivery. The campaign is live and will continue into 2018, ready for the cohort in-take in the Autumn, and so click through, engagement and conversion metrics are still being collated.