Our work

Nurse acquisition campaign direct mail

The Challenge

How do you engage people with a subject as emotive and frightening as cancer, without putting them off altogether? This was our challenge when Macmillan asked us to create a cold test mailing, to be tested alongside one of their most successful direct marketing appeals. In five years no test mailing had beaten it. Could we do any better?

The Solution

Building on the success of the established mailing we wrote our test from the perspective of care nurse Beverly. We included a message from one of her cancer patients, Julia who in simple but powerful words explains how she couldn’t have coped if it hadn’t been for Beverly’s kindness and support.

By strengthening the link between nurse and patient we created a message that resonated powerfully with our audience. Our mailing surpassed the response rate of the control mailing, generating 40% more responses.

The Results

40% higher response rate than the control pack

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