Our work

Annual review

The Challenge

The Mayor's Fund for London is a small, dynamic charity which improves the life chances of children in London who are affected by poverty. With the Mayor of London as their patron, they have made a big impact in a short time. They came to Consider because they'd been impressed by our work on ActionAid's annual report and thought we could help them to articulate their vision and showcase their work in their own annual report for 2011.

The Solution

The Mayor's Fund for London use their annual report as a marketing tool to solicit funds from philanthropists and large companies. They wanted something fresh and colourful, with prominent images of the children they'd helped. We suggested they change the name of their document to Annual Review to emphasise that this was a digest of everything they'd achieved in the last year.

One of the central features of the brief was a 'journey map' which shows the ideal path followed by the children helped by the charity, travelling out of poverty to a decent job. We took this concept of a journey and built the design of the review around it. A pencil line in purple (the client's brand colour) runs through the report, tying together quotes and statistics, until the pencil itself is revealed at the end.

The line is hand-drawn and, combined with the use of visual doodles, creates a child-like feel. The pencil symbolises the charity itself – it's a grass-roots tool fundamental to personal development. To support the message, we designed some white-coloured pencils stamped with the logo, which the charity could hand out at meetings.

“The idea is that by giving to the charity you can ensure all the great work symbolised by the pencil line in the review continues,” says Consider's Creative Director, Ian Boardman.

Consider art-directed a photo-shoot in one of the schools helped by the charity, to create a cache of strong, open, friendly imagery.

“We built upon what was very limited branding,” says Ian Boardman. “Our intention was to give the charity a strong look and feel which they could carry forward in their future marketing activity.”

The Results

Vagn Hansen, CEO of the Mayor's Fund for London, had one word to say when the Annual Review finished up in his hands - “Wow!”. One of his senior colleagues gave a more measured response: “Consider have created an Annual Review for us that is not only beautiful, but also develops our message and brand and has helped us take a step forward in the way we communicate."

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