Our work


Gifts in Wills Guide

The Challenge

Mind asked us to redevelop their guide to Gifts in Wills, establishing a new creative and messaging as well as exploring a new format. The objective was to encourage existing and potential supporters to leave a gift to Mind in their will.

The guide needed to combine emotion and pragmatism, providing clear, easy-to-follow guidance on making a gift in your Will, while inspiring supporters through real-life examples of the transformative impact of legacies.

Our challenge was to present practical, helpful information without overwhelming readers with legal jargon and process. As the subject of leaving a will can be perceived as a delicate one, we knew it was important to build with a calm, clear, confident approach and respect for the reader. At the same time, because the topic of mental illness is also a sensitive one, we were keen to keep the tone of voice warm and uplifting.

The Solution

Our first step was to work collaboratively with Mind to review the wills guides produced by other charities. Together, we identified the features we felt were most successful and appropriate to our audience.
Based on these discussions, we proposed an A5 format, with a pocket for inserts, as it felt accessible and engaging.

The booklet positions the legacy supporter at the heart of Mind’s journey, using a timeline to show Mind’s key achievements as well as their future goals and ambitions.

Service user case studies and warm, positive messaging ensure the guide is engaging and illustrate the genuine and lasting value of legacies to individuals. We also explored the potential of social norming through pledger testimonies, demonstrating that legacy giving is mainstream and helping to align the values of supporters with those of the charity. These personal stories are interspersed with practical information, creating a change of pace that keeps the reader engaged.

We also highlight the power and significance of Mind’s services and the key part legacies play in funding them. Friendly, direct photography and illustration add to the pack’s accessibility and warmth.

A number of inserts structure additional content in a user-friendly way and make the pack easily updatable, increasing its longevity. These include an easy-to-use will planner, to steward supporters through the initial stages of planning their will and gathering the information that a solicitor might need. A voucher for Mind’s Free Will offer is also provided, promoting a scheme which we know increases the chance of will-makers pledging a gift to Mind.