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A fundraising-first integrated Christmas appeal that smashed records


Supporter retention and acquisition across all channels including digital, print, and press.

The challenge:

We’ve worked with Mind on six Christmas appeals – and we’ve loved every moment. Together we’ve achieved some brilliant results – including their best ever Christmas appeal in 2018.

But for their 2021 Christmas Appeal, in the midst of the pandemic and a stark mental health crisis, it was more important than ever to come up with something that stood out.

Our solution:

We knew we needed to do something differently, something that cut through the crowd of Covid-19 Christmas appeals. So we went to Mind with an idea: what if this was more than just a DM appeal? What if this was a chance to unite your entire organisation behind a single mission – a fundraising-first integrated campaign?

Because if there’s any time to spark an organisational moment, it’s Christmas – a time of year when people are already looking to give. With mental health at the forefront of the national conversation, this was a perfect opportunity to cement Mind’s place at the heart of it.

Our plan was to work holistically with the entire organisation to unite around a single message. And with Mind’s green light, we went ahead with the plan.

We started with a workshop with key stakeholders. We discussed what had gone right in the past, what opportunities had been missed – and how we could make sure we took them this time around.

We took on their feedback on our initial strategic territories – using this to shape a strategy that underpinned our creative concepts.

To optimise rollout, our strategy team sat down with Mind’s media agency – collaborating with them to make sure we explored every opportunity to exceed Mind’s ambitious targets.

On top of this, as we shaped our digital assets, we made sure to work with Mind’s digital team to pin down what works – and what doesn’t work – for them. We agreed on a bolder approach to cold digital audiences – just one of the conversations that paid off.

Our meticulous collaboration led to water-tight creative, rolled out widely across a range of media in the run-up to Christmas.

“We’re not okay” is a bold admission of shared trauma. It’s simple and uncompromising and it made use of the sense of togetherness borne out of the pandemic.

We started a national conversation – bringing it to life through powerful storytellers, and placing Mind at the centre of the fight for mental health.

The results:

Encompassing press, digital and print, this integrated campaign united all of Mind’s channels.

The campaign smashed targets and surpassed Mind’s best ever Christmas appeal in 2018 with £192k from the direct mail and £380k from digital activity – which garnered 13m online impressions.

Louisa Combs, who was Senior Individual Giving Officer at Mind at the time of this campaign, said: “I’m so proud of the Christmas appeal Consider created in 2021. Everything was grounded in strategy, digital-first and achieved incredible results – we couldn’t be happier.”