Our work


Mind Legacy Proposition and Mailing

The Challenge

Mind are one of the UK’s leading mental health charities. Their supporters are passionate, committed and engaged. But with instances of mental health problems increasing in the UK, Mind must secure long term income to meet the needs of people in the future.

Mind approached us to create an inspiring and persuasive legacy proposition. Once established, this proposition would form the basis of a dedicated warm mailing to raise awareness of legacy giving and prompt supporters to leave a gift to Mind in their will.

The Solution

We developed an adaptable proposition that Mind could use for any audience or communication channel - achieving our goal of making the reasons for leaving a gift in your will, clear, compelling and tangible.

The subsequent mailing was developed with consideration for Mind’s existing ‘Life Support’ campaign - and demonstrated the correlation between mental health and social problems; establishing a clear need for these services in the future.

We asked readers to consider how a quarter of everyone they had met throughout their life had suffered with a mental health problem. This language brought in a strong aspect of social norming and capitalised on FMRI research that autobiographical thoughts create similar brain activity to considering legacy giving.

By combining striking evidence of the growing problem with a truly beautiful case study, we were able to produce a genuinely compelling pack that made the most of what the client’s brand has to offer. 

The Results

The true impact of a legacy mailing is often only realised many years down the line. But the
immediate response was very promising indeed; with a significant jump in pledges and enquiries compared to previous mailings. The Mind team recently got in touch to say ‘This is already our best-performing legacy mailing of all time.’

The Numbers

Intenders: Exceeded target by 10%.

Free will registrants: Free will registrations over target by 75%.

Pledgers: 40% over target.