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Motor Neurone Disease Association

Give somebody living with MND a voice at Christmas


Christmas appeal, Reminder appeal, Email, Digital thinking

The Challenge:

Christmas is a time where families and friends reunite to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Without Communication Aids, those all-important conversations around the dinner table and those bedtime stories before Santa arrives would be almost impossible for families living with MND.

The MND Association can prevent people with MND from feeling lonely and isolated. We can give them a voice not just for Christmas, but for as long as they need.

The main objective was to solicit a one-off cash donation to help families living with MND this Christmas.


The Solution:

Our concept took a highly emotive and personalised story of Matthew Hollis and his connection to MND - his mother. Matthew saw how devastating it is to lose your speech first hand. He witnessed his Mum’s incredible frustration at being unable to do the simplest things; her having to withdraw from her busy social life. He even saw how, when your voice is gone, you lose a vital bit of your identity – and that’s heartbreaking.

That's why he's so passionate about MND and led to him becoming the Communication Aids Coordinator for MND Association. He inspired the Consider team by meeing them and talking about how simple communication tools can be life changing.

Our creative hones in on an incredibly tangible ask: this Christmas, your audience could buy someone with MND a lifeline.

We showed our audience how their donation could buy a Christmas gift with a difference: they could buy a communication aid, and with it give somebody in need their voice, independence and identity back.

Is there a more powerful Christmas gift than that?


Both the appeal and the reminder exceeded their financial targets and became their best performing Christmas campaign ever. By the end of the campaign the appeal had 2,440 responses which generated £106,948.83. this is 141% of target. The reminder had 1,241 responses which generated £58,366.01. This is a fantastic performance, exceeding other Christmas appeal and reminders.

The email performed strongly, bringing in over £10,000 in income.

The appeal received 5 gifts of £1,000+ which totalled £10,000 and the reminder had 8 totalling £8,600. This an increase from the first half of the appeals of 2018.

“What’s great about working with Consider is that they are large enough to cope, but small enough that everyone there genuinely cares about us as a client - as well as the quality of the work they producing for us.”

Chris Ferris
Direct Marketing Manager