Our work

Practical Action

Welcome journey 2014

The Challenge 

Practical Action wanted to inspire and retain new supporters acquired through face-to-face fundraising. Attrition rates are an obvious concern, so it is important these supporters feel valued, and we communicate the transformative effects of their gifts. We were asked to create an acquisition Welcome Journey that would reduce rates of attrition.   

The Solution 

The outcome was the creation of journey with several inspiring and innovative pieces sent at specific intervals to ensure supporters stay engaged. Each touchpoint involves and motivates supporters by containing a small, basic ‘practical project’, such as making an origami seed pot, or a children’s windmill and recipe cards. Each ‘project’ reflected the ‘simple solutions, lasting difference’ ethos of the charity, and the nature of their projects – the windmill demonstrating the charity’s wind-powered energy projects, for example.

In developing the journey, we also evolved the brand – with a focus on the positive difference supporters make by giving to Practical Action.

The Results

In creating the practical projects, we developed a simple and effective way for supporters to interact with the charity.

We changed the charity’s brand / look and feel to be more contemporary and relevant. 

We ensured we communicated need, while our supporter messaging was positive, focusing on the difference supporters can make to vulnerable people worldwide.