Our work


Creating Rightship’s new brand identity and website


Vision and mission statements, brand refresh, brand guidelines, digital rollout, website wireframe, UX, design concept and development, video, social media assets and internal advocacy.

The challenge

You probably don’t realise how much the world depends on shipping. The vast majority of the goods we all consume are transported by sea – meaning the industry’s environmental impact is huge.

Then there’s the million-plus seafarers who keep it all running, but the conditions they work in are often tough – and sometimes life-threatening.

That’s why RightShip exists. As the world’s biggest maritime due diligence organisation, they help the shipping industry to be safe for seafarers and to protect the environment.

But they had a problem. Without a strong brand identity, the vital services RightShip offers weren’t getting cut-through in a rapidly changing industry.

That’s where we came in.

The solution

We started by getting to the heart of who RightShip are – defining their vision and mission.

We realised that all their work is underpinned by a belief: that no sea voyage should put seafarers in danger, or damage the environment. And their ambitions are huge: their products could, one day, lead to a shipping industry which causes zero harm.

To tell that story visually, we knew we had to bring seafarers to the fore.

These hidden people make the world go round – and they’ll play a crucial role in delivering that zero-carbon future.

Despite not being able to shoot new photography during the pandemic, we created a suite of powerful brand images, elevating RightShip’s archive with vibrant editing – and bringing it to life with animation.

With multiple teams across the globe, RightShip needed seamless brand rollout – so we created brand guidelines, key assets, and a clear colour palette, allowing anyone in the organisation to communicate consistently.

We didn’t stop there. We brought the new visual identity online by designing RightShip’s new multi-functional website, ready to launch their new product platform to the shipping industry.

Now, we’ve brought RightShip’s brand to life in a hero film, social media assets, email templates, event collateral and more – to great acclaim across the industry.

RightShip’s mission for a safe and sustainable maritime industry is one we’re fully behind. It’s been an honour to be a part of it.

The results

“I love partnering with Consider,” says Claudia Norrgren, Head of Marketing and Communications, “and their work is fantastic!”

“Consider was amazing from the first meeting all the way through each brief and process. Their team is like a family and really got to know our staff, needs and preferences.”

“We’ve been able to implement innovative projects internally and externally which have brought real joy to our teams and have resulted in more traffic to our website as well as opened up our brand to the industry.”

“In our 2021 customer survey we saw a marked yearly improvement in our scores relating to our how our customers felt about us: we are more open and accessible, we’re easier to understand and our customers strongly agreed that we are working towards out vision of zero incidents, zero emissions maritime industry.”