Our work


Emotive, human, visually striking: RightShip DBMS's brand identity


Creation of a brand idenity, emotive messaging, logo, a striking visual identity and all the materials needed to roll it out online (website, emails, social media assets, PowerPoint and Word templates and brand guidelines). 

The challenge

The challenge was to bring a new safety standard for commercial shipping, known as the Dry Bulk Management Standard (DBMS), to life. This meant steering away from the industry norm, and creating a distinctive identity that demonstrated not only the seriousness of the initiative, but the human element behind it.

The solution

When we started this, we were far from experts on industrial shipping. It was new territory for us – but that meant we could really strip DBMS right back to basics.

We arrived at the fact that, for most people these days the sea is a place of pleasure. They think of vast yachts and cruise ships, with their luxurious, hotel-like appearances. But they’re the glossy covers that bear little resemblance to most of life at sea.

The ocean remains one of the world’s most dangerous workplaces. Commercial shipping is second only to deep-sea fishing.

In 2018, 188 seafarers around the globe died on the job. That’s why DBMS exists: to support safe passage and make life safer at sea.

And for centuries, the lighthouse atop the cliff edge, or the lantern swung in the dark cove, have guided seafarers to safety. That beam of light on a dark night is as familiar and reassuring today as it always has been.

That timeless beacon of safety became the heart of our proposition, and grew into a striking visual identity with a set of amazing illustrations.


This project is fresh off the press but it’s already generating a fair buzz in the industry. And we’ve been delighted with all the positive results we’ve been hearing.

And Rightship sent us a big thank you with these words:

“Thank you so much for all your work on the DBMS brand and website. We’ve launched to applause across the industry, with many huge companies coming out in support of the initiative. We’ve been kept very busy with registrations and well wishes from companies keen to get involved.

It's been a pleasure to work with you all on this brand and I’ve loved your enthusiasm to get involved in shipping! Thank you for your flexibility with us as things were changing a lot during the build and a huge thank you … working around the clock with our Melbourne team.”

The numbers

Just one week after the launch of our call for feedback on the first draft of the standard, well over 100 owners and managers from more than 30 countries around the world had expressed their interest. Across the second week of April, the number of interested companies nearly doubled – not to mention the charterers, classification societies, regulators and flag authorities that have also got in touch.