Our work


September 2014 Warm Direct Mail

The Challenge

Sight loss charity RNIB asked us to create a DM fundraising appeal for existing supporters, focusing on their Emotional Support Service. Our challenge was to highlight the urgency and need around the emotional impact of sight loss, while showing the difference the service makes. The appeal also required a specific and different high value mailing.

The Solution

David lost his sight aged 35, just hours after his son was born. By telling his emotive and powerful story in the first person, we could openly explain the overwhelming changes that come with losing your sight. He struggled to cope with the fear and frustration; his marriage suffered, and he became depressed.

We balanced a personal and heartfelt letter from David, showing how emotional counselling from RNIB saved his life; with an informative leaflet, and useful tips on how to support someone with sight loss.

The results were mailings that not only centred on the urgent demand for this vital service, but that also resonated with many of the charity’s blind or partially sighted supporters.

The Results

The appeal beat income target in its first four weeks.