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Save the Children

Legacy DRTV campaign

When Save the Children asked us to review their legacy acquisition programme, we turned immediately to the research that had been key to our recent successful overhaul of their pledger stewardship offering (it’s up for an award, you know).

The potential legacy donors we interviewed were incredibly honest about what they want from Save the Children, and what they had to say resonated with acquisition too.

Donors want to know they can rely on Save the Children to do the right thing with their money. They want to see evidence of how their gift will help. And they want to know exactly who their gift will help.

Trust. Evidence. And a personal connection. These three principles formed the backbone of our brief and so the search for a great story and concept began.  

Thankfully we found Alice, an incredible woman whose story ticks all three boxes and plenty more besides.

Alice, a midwife in Liberia, has drastically reduced maternal and child mortality in her local community and, as a result, grateful parents have started naming their babies after her.

Amazingly, there are now more than 800 children called Alice in this small part of Liberia – including some boys!

So, having found Alice, we wanted to let her tell her own story (personal connection) and introduce potential donors to some of the 800 children named after her (evidence). As for trust, parents are willing to entrust the lives of their children to Alice – and is there a greater show of trust than that?

With our ad storyboarded and script written, we briefed Save’s content gatherers on the footage we needed and they really delivered the goods. We think the ad is stunning and it seems a lot of people out there agree.

The social aspect of this campaign went live ahead of the ad, as well as press, and Alice’s remarkable story was picked up by ITV News, Channel 4, as well as The Independent, Metro and a staggering 167 other titles.  

Across the UK, people are being moved by Alice’s story and we’re confident that many will be inspired to leave a gift in their will.

We’ll keep you posted on how the campaign performs!