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Legacy marketing campaign and strategy

The Challenge

Scope works with disabled people of all ages across England and Wales. The charity offers practical everyday support to disabled people and their families. They came to Consider because of our expertise in legacy campaigning (that's to say, persuading people to leave something in their will to a named charity). Scope hadn't done anything like this in years, they were about to overhaul their brand and they greatly needed a fresh approach.

The Solution

Scope informed us that their brand was about to change so there was more of an emphasis on the positive opportunities open to disabled people. This vision needed to inspire an audience of potential donors (comprised of several generations, including the newly significant Baby Boomers). It also needed to mobilise parents of disabled children as well as Scope staff and volunteers.

“We decided to take a story-telling approach,” says Consider's Creative Director, Alistair Kelly. “We helped Scope to select the case studies which gave real insight into the way disabled people's lives were being transformed for the better. We matched the stories against the full range of Scope's support services and developed some powerful and emotional people-based imagery.”

We created a range of materials designed to target the various audiences. There was a postcard mailer and an enquiry pack for potential donors. Parents had their own guide. Staff received a booklet which showed them how to weave legacy giving into conversations with supporters. And we created print ads in relevant media – for example, the Sunday Telegraph.

Crucial to the campaign was judging how to mix the inspirational and more explanatory messages. We also ensured the launch was timed to support the activity around “Remember a Charity Week” which happens every year.

The Results

Scope expect their legacy campaign to generate income for them over the long term. In the short term, they can already see the positive impact the campaign has made on staff and volunteers.

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