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Rebooting Shelter’s Legacy Fundraising


Legacy proposition, Shelter’s Will Week campaign (digital ads, press ads and Shelter Shop collateral), Direct Mail Pack.

The challenge

When Shelter came to us in 2019, they didn’t have a legacy proposition – that core story that inspires people to remember the charity in their Will. But gifts in Wills are vital to Shelter. That’s because their goal is ending the housing emergency once and for all. This won’t be achieved tomorrow – but it could, in the future, thanks to gifts left in people’s Wills today.

The solution

Before we could define why someone should leave a gift in their Will to Shelter, we needed to understand their target audience. So, through extensive interviews with current pledgers, we uncovered some key shared attitudes – including a powerful belief that it is still possible to create a fairer society, as well as a marked lack of trust in the Government to solve the housing crisis themselves.

These insights, and more, formed the basis of our creative work: a legacy proposition which we loved, and which won hands-down in our audience testing.

So, introducing Shelter’s new Legacy Proposition: Give People Change.

Give People Change taps in to the feeling of helplessness our audience feels when they see people sleeping rough, and pivots towards determination: change is possible. Homelessness and bad housing affects millions, and helping one person at a time won’t solve it. But a legacy gift to Shelter could – by investing in an end to the housing crisis.

This isn’t small change. It’s huge.

We ran with the proposition across channels, developing core creative principles that communicated the era-defining, radical change that a legacy gift could bring. From paid social adverts to collateral for Shelter shops, from press ads to our direct mail pack, we brought our proposition to life – inviting our audience to be part of the story.

The results

The figures speak for themselves. The ROI for this campaign was a staggering 50:1, with many people inspired to pledge – and, like all legacy marketing, the true impact will only be known as people make or amend their Wills in the future.

With homelessness on the rise, and an increasingly critical housing emergency in the UK, Shelter’s work is needed more than ever. We are so proud to have played a part in supporting them.

There’s more…

We’ve been working with Shelter on some other very exciting projects this year. Watch this space...