Our work

St John Ambulance

Introducing a new creative approach to legacies


Legacy direct mail campaign.

The challenge

St John Ambulance needs to increase its fundraising income from £15m to £50m over the next 5 years. Legacies will play a prominent role in this, with the view to generate significantly higher legacy income in the long term.

The solution

Our direct mail pack introduces a new creative approach. It highlights St John Ambulance’s expertise and positions them as the future of first aid. 

It aims to touch and inspire an already warm audience to pledge, intend or enquire about leaving a gift in their will to St John Ambulance. They are and will always be, part of the team.

Our creative recognises that watching the people you love grow up can be bittersweet. Because with every step they take and every lesson they learn, they seem to need you a little less. And while you want to always be there for them, you have to accept that, one day, you won’t be. So how do you keep them safe? By making sure that, wherever life takes them, there is always someone there to help.


Across the campaign results have exceeded targets generating 31 pledgers, 34 intenders, 479 enquirers and an average response rate of 4.70% (7.9% to some segments).