Our work

Stroke Association

Creating a captivating in memory proposition and identity


Quantitative and qualitative research with warm in-mem supporters and funeral directors, proposition development, stewardship journey, editorial content and digital campaign, tribute fund site, internal engagement campaign.

The challenge

Even though in-memory gifts brought in £1.2m a year for Stroke Association, they’d never been a strategic fundraising focus.

The in-memory team had plans to double income over the next five years, but needed to reconcile the brand’s new core message – rebuilding lives after stroke – with an audience who had lost loved ones to the condition.

The solution

In-depth research, including interviews with warm supporters, quant surveys – and even funeral directors – brought to light several insights. At the heart of everything was one word: compassion.

Supporters felt compassion for their loved one, and subsequently they felt compassion for others affected by stroke.

That provided us with the perfect inspiration for our proposition:

Stroke can change our lives and take away those we love – but the story of their life can live on.

We combined warm and natural imagery with emotional, authentic stories to create a proposition that resonated with Stroke Association’s in mem supporters (who were kept involved in the process throughout)– and then developed a two-year, story-led supporter journey that brought it to life, along with a Tribute Fund site that gave supporters the chance to share their stories.

Campaign highlights included a suite of editorial emails which shared the stories of people whose loved ones had been lost to stroke, a tear-jerking campaign that lit up Stroke Association’s social media channels on Mother’s Day, and internal training that gave staff the confidence to talk in-mem.


It’s still early days, but initial signs suggest this campaign really connected.

The Mother’s Day campaign was a resounding success: Stroke Association reported a 32% uplift in donations on Mother’s Day, along with a 150% uplift of online donations for March 2019.

We had great feedback on the internal training as well: 91% of people who attended training found it to be helpful; 87% said it made them feel more comfortable communicating with and stewarding in-mem supporters.