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Stroke Association

Legacy pledger stewardship communication


A magazine format annual summary for pledgers.

The challenge:

The Stroke Association asked us to produce an innovative mailing to spark enthusiasm among their legacy pledgers, and so reinforce their decision to leave the charity a gift in their will. As the Stroke Association’s first formalised mailing to their legacy pledgers, it was important that it feel special and personal.

As well as balancing information with stories and emotion, this communication needed to create confidence in the UK’s leading stroke charity and highlight the value of their work.

The solution:

Our solution was to create the Pledger’s Circle. A special group to which, as a supporter, if you had left a gift to the Stroke Association in your will, you automatically became a member. This small community would receive a premium, annual periodical to inform, inspire and stress the value of their gift. 

Each issue of ‘The Circle’ is guest-edited by a pledger and accompanied by a personal letter, recognising the supporter’s relationship with the charity. The mailing also includes a feedback piece, offering pledgers the opportunity to voice their thoughts and contribute to future issues, while also providing data to hone content of future issues. 

To emphasise the special nature of this communication and the relationship, the publication was personalised carefully throughout, whilst we also created seven regional versions enabling pledgers to see the impact of the charity’s services in their area.

The results:

Whilst there was no ask, the survey received a response rate of more than 10%, with great comments such as, “It was difficult to say what I liked best about the Circle! It was all very interesting and informative”,  and offers from pledgers to tell their story or be guest editor in the next issue. This in turn, highlighted the most engaged supporters.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the result – you guys have taken on our challenge, interpreted and developed a fantastically engaging publication. Brilliant. Thank you.”

Head of Legacy Development
Stroke Association