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Terrence Higgins Trust

Mass participation fundraising event

With a name like Toss Off, it was clear from the start that this wasn’t going to be a time for emotive imagery and copy. While the work of Terrence Higgins Trust is very serious indeed, the campaign itself needed to be all about raising awareness of sexual health by having fun with your friends and, well, being a bit smutty in the process.

Understandably, this was one of those projects where the whole team wanted to get involved. And that’s how our initial ideas were formed – everyone around a table. After a good amount of sniggering and puns, we had the initial thinking that would go on to be the campaign concept.

Those initial ideas became mock-up photos and wireframes, and the first headlines became full copy that took the rather risqué premise of the campaign name into something that would make people really want to get on board.

Within days models were arriving for the photo-shoot, we were deliberating the optimum number of ‘splats’ required for the logo, and a full brand and donor journey were created.

Today, Toss Off has been launched. We’ll certainly be tossing off on Pancake Day – we can’t wait to see who else is too…

Want to get involved? Sign-up to Toss Off with friends this pancake day.