Our work

Tower Hamlets College

Undergraduate prospectus

The Challenge

To give the college sixth form prospectus a facelift and promote the college as a credible place for school leavers to gain further education.

The Solution

The college offer courses ranging from BTECs in Business to A-Level History for 16-19 year olds. Alongside this, it offers excellent student support and facilities.

Our brief was to breathe some life into the existing prospectus, ensuring it was still relevant to such a young and media savvy audience. While the new prospectus needed to appeal to prospective students, we could not forget the parents who are integral in the decision making process.

“The new prospectus is fresh, inviting and contemporary. Pages are bright and engaging with as many images of real students we could find!” said Account Manager, Jenna Lilford. “This project was a real challenge – not only were we taking their prospectus to a whole new place, we had very little budget and lots of students to photograph. The hard work paid off though!”

The Results

We're most chuffed to say the prospectus contributed to an uplift in Sixth Form applications whilst also prompting a change of creative direction for the College as a whole.

Further reading

There’s more about Tower Hamlets College here: http://www.tower.ac.uk/