Our work

Warm appeal 2016

The Challenge

Traidcraft wanted to increase their donations for its vital development work, by putting their equality for tea growing families programme at the heart of its donation campaign. Our challenge was to bring the appeal alive engaging with the supporter through strong and emotive storytelling.

The Solution

Our mailing achieved immediate stand-out through the emotive image and headline on the outer envelope. The letter built on this need, using powerful quotes to communicate the harrowing details of Sahera’s life. The supporter is then encouraged to channel their empathy into one, simple practical action – giving a donation that will transform Sahera’s life through a Traidcraft programme. The mailing also featured positive imagery and uplifting stories of hope – demonstrating how Traidcraft turns lives around by supporting vulnerable people to grow and sell tea. 

The Results

While our understanding of fundraising and Traidcraft’s brand has meant we regularly beat income and response rate targets for their appeals, this mailing’s powerful outer led to a particularly high response rate.


“We have always found Consider brilliant to work with. They are insightful, creative and collaborative and have a great knack for being able to challenge your thinking and suggest other ideas – an essential talent for a creative agency. This campaign smashed target and we look forward to working on the next campaign.”

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