Our work


Inspiring a legacy audience


90 second video for legacy events, website and landing page and 45 second video for social channels

The Challenge:

As conservation efforts become increasingly urgent, WWF is working hard to protect the planet for future generations. Legacy income is vital to making sure this valuable work can continue. 

Our challenge was to inspire and galvanise supporters to engage with WWF, and be interested in leaving a legacy. Utilising media channels relevant to supporters who are increasingly embracing the internet - including over 60’s may be thinking about creating or amending their own will. Our secondary challenge was to engage younger audiences 50+ with similar outlooks and interests.

The Solution:

Our solution was a legacy film encouraging supporters that through a gift in their will they have the ability to write a different story for their world.

With our film, we introduce the idea that the planet our children learn about in stories as they grow up is often very different from reality. This idea helps shift along the WWF narrative - it nods to the public’s perception that WWF is all about protecting beautiful animals - while showing that their work is now far more wide-ranging. The extraordinary planet we live on is ours to protect but it takes us to make a difference.