Our work


Animal adoption journey and strategy

The Challenge

WWF asked us to develop a programme of engaging communications to animal adopters, to address attrition spikes at certain points within the adoption journey. The creation of additional communications to adopters outside of the standard product journey allows WWF to demonstrate the impact of their support at a wider level bringing more of the cause to the supporter. Because the mechanics of animal adoption are complex, we needed to make sure the messaging was tailored to the adopters’ motivation and type (gift buyers, gift recipients and self adopters) and the way they give (cash or direct debit).

The Solution

Working together we agreed a strategy to address these issues and have started by delivering a personalised thank you one piece mailer for all adopters, gift buyers and their recipients. The simplicity of this one piece mailer demonstrates, with the use of inspirational photography and informative copy, how their donations help make an impact - focusing on wider work of WWF instead of solely on their adopted animal. The clear message of the piece is thank you, there is no call to action, with the aim is for supporters to feel proud of the difference they are helping to make through their adoption.

The Results

Although the brief was originally a stand-alone test to target adopters recruited from Christmas 2015, we are continuing to work with WWF to roll the pack out. The mailing is helping the client to identify which segments to target in the future, and the initial results have been promising.

The Numbers

"Working with the team at Consider Creative on this strategy and campaign has been positive and a valuable experience, from which we hope to continue seeing positive results." 

Carolyn Watson, Senior Fundraising Manager, WWF-UK