Our work


In Memory Giving. Considered.


Strategy, Creative proposition, Donor journeys, Tribute Fund, Emails, Print advertising

The Challenge:

Based on solid-thinking and rationale, our aim was to create a positive in-memory giving experience that celebrates life, positioning WWF as its guardian and therefore a natural choice for a gift in memory.

The Solution:

Our approach was to immerse ourselves and truly understand the motivations and needs of in Memory supporters. We undertook a study of macro and social trends, category insights and challenges, competitor review, analysis of audience insights and built on a LegacyForesight report commissioned by WWF.

Analysis of interviews uncovered motivations and needs could be broadly talked about in four ways. There was a sense of in memory giving was doing the right thing, it was helping others like me, it helped individuals on their own personal grief journey and finally there was an element of unfinished business. The research and insight phase informed the creation of a number of propositions that led to the final one forming the heart of all in memory giving communications.

Key to the success of in memory giving was consideration for supporter journeys. Ensuring any touchpoints were timely, appropriate, inspirational and motivational.

We’re very excited to see this proposition already in action, it will soon be joined by a new tribute site giving supporters a very special place to remember their loved ones.