Our work


Legacy pledger stewardship mailing

The Challenge

WWF needed a new and exciting approach for the diary mailing that they've been sending their legacy pledgers every November for many years. In addition to thanking people for their pledge, WWF wanted to make sure more pledgers keep the charity in their will going forward. We were asked to develop the concepts and creative for this vital mailing, alongside devising a survey to gather key information about the pledgers and their motivations.

The Solution

This pack needed to be fresh and inspiring. The concept we took forward leapt out at readers and showed them something new. We incorporated some of WWF's beautiful photography and combined it with feel-good copy – including the incredible news of a rise in global tiger numbers. The end result was a pack that was as enjoyable to read as it was to look at.

Our inclusion of a survey gave readers a chance to share their views about WWF, and as the results showed, it proved to be a really effective engagement piece.

The results

The survey's response rate far exceeded WWF's target, which was great news in itself. Most excitingly though, even without an explicit financial ask, the mailing inspired a significant number of donations too.